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Riddick & Jack Fan Fiction.

It probably wouldn't have happened if the film had been released on a "normal" schedule. After all, the girl who played Jack was only thirteen years old. But then there were delays. Eighteen months passed between the end of shooting, and the release of the film.

That little girl grew up, and by the time she appeared in promotions for the film… she wasn't a little girl anymore. She wasn't a woman, either, but we could see the woman she would one day be. And one look in Jack's eyes, as she gazed at Riddick… and we knew exactly who that woman would want.

So even from the beginning, there were a handful of writers who explored the idea that Riddick and Jack would make a hot couple. Their numbers slowly grew, as people explored more and more ideas of what an adult Jack would be like, and how Riddick would react to her.

Is it all sunshine and roses and True Love? Are you kidding? You're talking about two people who started out as an escaped convict (murderer) and a teenage runaway. But that's part of their appeal. Two outlaw hearts entwined together, in an intense, sometimes volatile bond that was forged on the blistering, dark planet where they first met.

Here's to them!


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